2016, Berlin

Bella Vista is the name of a humble fisherman area in the southeast coast of Isla Margarita. In this area of the island I lived and grew up with my parents and my two siblings. Living on a 7th floor apartment in a building located almost at the middle of Bella Vista Beach, gave us an ample view of the Guaraguao’s Bay. Here we were able to see the sea everyday just by looking through any of the windows pointing south or by walking through the terraces.


Last summer I spent almost 3 months there, at home. Since the first day I arrived, contemplating the view was a daily activity. Every day I was blown away by the rich color tones and the happy-local-fisherman vibe that I was able to relax my mind and let go of my thoughts.

Beautiful view is the translation for Bella Vista.

In Bella Vista every day begins with the rise of the sun as the fisherman (pescadores) prepare and start their boats (peñeros) for the early morning round. As the sky turns blue, the beach would also get filled by locals who enjoy the beach, the sun, and the palms. This, however, won’t stop the pescadores to carry on with their fishing activities, or the peñeros from coming and going until the sun goes down again.

This video is to my family, my mom, dad, brother and sister; my favorite people.
They are the only ones with whom I could share exactly what I feel when I see these scenes, because the five of us will always have an indestructible connection.

Arrangements María Márquez

Special thanks to
Tulio De León
Natalia De León
Luigia Fortino de De León
Nicholas M. Scholz
DJ Lionza

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